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IntelCenter Words of Osama bin Laden Vol 1 Издательство: Tempest Publishing, LLC, 2008 г Мягкая обложка, 202 стр ISBN 1606760068 Язык: Английский инфо 9784r.

IntelCenter Words of Osama bin Laden Vol 1 is the definitive reference work of Osama bin Laden's statements It contains the full English translations of 21 statements from 2002-2008 The words of Osama bin Lбчфщфaden provide critical insights into al-Qaeda They are essential in understanding its intentions, shifts in focus, difficulties, current and long-term objectives, targeting preferences and more This volume is designed to provide the intelligence, military and law enfoвживмrcement communities, as well as researchers, scholars and others, a professional-level reference work bringing all of Osama bin Laden s available statements together in one place This volume works with three primary types of material The two most heavily weighted in the selection process are English language transcripts produced by al-Qaeda and exact transcripts of the English subtitling in al-Qaeda s videos Wherever possible these two types are used If they are not available, theвпчснn the best quality translation available of the spoken Arabic was used At the top of each statement the source material type is indicated in the version section Due to the variety of source material, there are noticeable variations in spellings, names and other areas from one statement to another This was unavoidable as we felt it was critical to preserve the exact copy of al-Qaeda s actual English writings, to include grammatical and spelling errors This allows analysts and others to use these transcripts in a variety of analytical efforts that would not be possible had everything been standardized 1 edition.

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